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What Makes Our Yoga Teacher Training Different

I decided to host a YTT at TYG because I think we have something unique to offer. I’m sure that the other YTTs in the area feel the same about their programs. The truth is, every YTT is teaching similar things. Yoga philosophy has been written in books and studied for centuries. But each yoga studio’s approach to yoga philosophy and each lead teacher’s voice, will speak to different people. My hope is that more people teaching yoga means more unique voices in the yoga world. Hopefully this spreads yoga to a more diverse group of students. My hope is that more yoga students means less assholes in the world (I’m Jersey born and bred).

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The Story Behind The Yoga Ground

The Yoga Ground is a studio on a mission. It was created it with an awareness of the shadow side of the “health & wellness” industry. The side where rising prices have made life-enhancing wellness practices only available to those with a lot of money. The side where “health” has become a chase for the “yoga body,” rather than an appreciation for the body that you already have. We take “come as you are” seriously here. Come as you are with what you have. Everybody is invited. Including you.

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