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Sometimes called Vinyasa or Power, a flowing style of yoga is one in which postures are connected by a series of transitions. While each teacher at The Yoga Ground has their own unique teaching style, in our Flow classes you will typically hold each posture for about 5 breaths before moving onto the next one. We love this class because it encourages students to connect their body, mind, and breath in a way that often feels more accessible than sitting still in meditation or holding poses. 

All students and practice-levels are welcome in our Flow classes, however we do suggest that if you are brand new to yoga, to try one of our Beginners, Gentle, or Restorative classes first.



We know that yoga can seem intimidating. Our teachers have heard it all, "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" "I don't have the 'yoga body'" "I'm afraid I'll be the only male" "I'm afraid I'll be the oldest" and on and on and on.

We want to show you that yoga is just as much for you as it is for everyone else. In our Beginners classes our teachers will break down yoga postures so that they feel safe and accessible. They will also go over common transitions between poses, how to use yoga props, yoga breathing, and some basic yoga philosophy and concepts.

All students are welcome in our Beginners classes, but please note, this is a beginners class. If you have a more advanced practice we ask that you fine-tune the basic postures in this class rather than practice any advanced variations.

Gentle Yoga

Whether you are a beginner, stiff & achy, pregnant, have physical limitations, or have been practicing yoga for years, in this class you will learn to be gentle with your body in a safe atmosphere free of competition and comparison. Your body does a lot for you and endures wear and tear on a daily basis, show it some love. In our gentle classes, you will flow slowly, breathe fully, and hold poses long enough to enjoy the stretching and the subtle strength building of your muscles as well as the stillness of your mind. This class is accessible, softer, and slow-paced and doesn't require a lot of flexibility or strength. Stop thinking about your body here and start experiencing it. 

Mindful Flow

Our Mindful Flow incorporates dharma (yoga philosophy & lessons), breathwork, slow vinyasa flow, and end with yin yoga. Get grounded and connect your body, mind, and breath with us. Class is not heated.


Restorative Yoga is a restful form of yoga that moves really slowly. A typical restorative sequence only consists of five or six poses that are held for several minutes each. These postures are relaxing ones that are practiced on the floor, fully supported by props, to make the longer holds possible and comfortable. Restorative Yoga is a great class for people with stressful lives, anxious nervous systems, and who take part in more vigorous forms of exercise. If you fall asleep, no worries, you probably needed sleep more than meditation.

Spirit Flow LIVE

Spirit Flow LIVE is a donation-based Warm Flow class that streams live on Facebook and YouTube on Sunday Mornings. The class is taught by Kim Copeland, an ordained minister who brings Dharma lessons from Biblical scriptures. All are welcome and encouraged to pay what you can, even if you can pay nothing at all.  All proceeds collected for this class will be donated to local charities for the benefit of the local community.

Stretch & Release

Stretch & Release combines gentle yoga with self-massage techniques to treat pain in the body, restore function and mobility, and improving overall health.

Through gentle flow, longer holds, and the use of tools like foam rollers and balls, learn to keep your body's fascia happy, flexible, and strong to ensure healthy movement, support, and protection of all body systems.

Unwind your body, unwind your life.

Yin Flow

Yin Flow starts with core exercises and a strength-building flow that leads into a longer yin yoga practice. Yin yoga is a passive practice that stretches the connective tissue around the joints. It involves variations of floor postures, supported by props, typically held for 3 to 5 minutes. 

Yoga en Español

Sabemos que el yoga puede aparecer intimidante. Nuestros instructores lo han escuchado todo: "No soy lo suficiente flexible para el yoga," "No tengo un 'cuerpo' de yoga," "Estoy preocupado que seré el único hombre," "Estoy preocupado que seré el más antiguo," "Me aburriré," y mucho mas.

Queremos mostrarle que el yoga es tanto para usted como para todos los demás. En nuestras clases, nuestros instructores analizarán las posturas de yoga para que se sientan seguros y alcanzables. También repasarán las transiciones comunes entre las posturas, cómo usar los accesorios de yoga, la respiración de yoga y algunos conceptos básicos de la filosofía del yoga. Queremos que te vayas sintiéndote exitoso.

Todos los estudiantes son bienvenidos en nuestras clases, pero tenga en cuenta que esta es una clase para principiantes. Si tiene una práctica más avanzada, le pedimos que toma este tiempo para afinar las posturas básicas en lugar de practicar variaciónes avanzadas. Nos gusta pensar que cuanto más avanzada sea su práctica, más pequeños y matizados se vuelven.

Friday Night Special

Returning this fall!

Friday Nights at The Yoga Ground are so good. The first Friday of each month will feature different classes and different teachers. From live music to community potlucks, from donation classes to theme nights, we promise these Fridays will leave you feeling welcome and connected to your community.