Teach a Weekly Class

Our teachers are well-trained and experienced. They walk their talk and are behind the mission of the studio: to make yoga accessible to all. They understand that The Yoga Ground was created to be a place of welcoming and community. A studio that not only IS everyone invited to, but everyone FEELS invited to.

Teach a Friday Night Special

Once per month we offer a Friday evening class from 6:15-7:30pm that changes each month. If you play live music, if you lead meditations, if you teach different kinds of yoga, if you play singing bowls, if you travel with a DJ, if you aren’t usually on our schedule, etc — this time slot is us opening our doors to you. For this class our students use their current class packages.

Host a workshop

Have a yoga specialty? Teach yoga to specific populations? Know a lot about yoga philosophy? Know how to make soap and candles? Put together atriums or bird houses? Have a community service project you would love help on? Teach in California or Massachusetts (or anywhere else) but visiting New Jersey? Let us schedule a workshop with you.

Get on our sub list

If you are a newer teacher looking for experience teaching, or if you have been teaching for years but just can’t commit to a regular class - we will be happy to talk about adding you to our sub list. Subbing gives you the opportunity to teach when we have a need and you are available. It also is a great way to practice teaching and to connect with our community.