Pay It Forward at The Yoga Ground

Introducing Our Community Yoga Bank!


Making yoga as accessible as possible is important to us at The Yoga Ground. And while our prices are less than the other yoga studios in the area, we realize that this doesn't necessarily mean we are more affordable. 

Inspired by other local businesses running pay-it-forward campaigns, we have created our own. The Community Yoga Bank is filled with classes waiting to be used that were donated by other students.

Been wanting to try yoga but worried about the cost? Used to practice a lot but had to stop because of finances? Interested in a workshop we are running? Withdraw from our bank. Just let our front desk staff know. No questions asked. 

Yoga Bank donations can be made in studio or online here. (If you donate online, please email us and let us know so we can ensure the class goes into the appropriate account).

Yoga Bank Classes