There is so much to love about the fall: colorful trees, pumpkin spice, Halloween, football… but sometimes, the days getting shorter and the air getting colder can leave us falling back into patterns we don’t love.

Let’s Grow Yoga is a way to use your yoga practice to help you stay engaged. It’s a way to connect to community, hold each other accountable, and celebrate challenges met!

The Details:

  1. Get a challenge checklist card from the front desk at our studio

  2. Take as many classes as you can in October

  3. Get 1 point per class taken in October

  4. Get 2 points per challenge met (see below)

  5. Mark your progress on our sticker board in studio

  6. Be entered to win great prizes!

Use your current class package or purchase a one-month unlimited at the discounted price of $99 with no commitment!

The Prizes

  1. Everyone with over 15 points get a free Let’s Grow Yoga Tank or T-Shirt!

  2. 21+ points, chance to win $100 account credit to be used on any class package

  3. 15-20 points, chance to win $50 account credit to be used on any class package

  4. 10-14 points, chance to win branded merchandise

The Challenges

  1. Love to hit snooze? Take our 6-am classes (that's right ;)

  2. Zone out on Instagram during lunch? Take 4 weekday lunch hour classes

  3. Netflix all night? Take 8 evening classes

  4. Addicted to your phone? Take our 5-hour Silent Staycation Retreat

  5. Always go hard? Take 4 gentle, yin, or restorative classes

  6. Isolation leaving you lonely? Bring 4 friends to class (on us!)

  7. Never Push yourself? Take 8 Flow classes

  8. Seasonal blues got you down? Take 4 weekend classes

  9. Stuck in a rut? Take 6 different teachers

  10. Share your growth! Post 12 photos from our studio on IG using #LetsGrowOctober and tagging @the_yoga_ground