warm Flow

Sometimes called Vinyasa or Power, a flowing style of yoga is one in which postures are connected by a series of transitions. While each teacher at The Yoga Ground has their own unique teaching style, in our Warm Flow classes you will typically hold each posture for about 5 breaths before moving on to the next one. We love this class because it encourages students to connect their body, mind, and breath in a way that often feels more accessible than sitting still in meditation or holding poses for long periods of time. Can’t sit still? Want to move? Get bored quickly? This class is for you. 

Our Warm Flow classes are kept around 85 degrees and at 50% humidity. This allows your muscles to open and your body to sweat without being so overwhelming that you feel like you can't finish.

All students and practice-levels are welcome in our Warm Flow classes, however we do suggest that if you are brand new to yoga, to try one of our Beginner’s classes first.

warm beginners flow

We know that yoga can seem intimidating. Our teachers have heard it all: "I'm not flexible enough for yoga" "I don't have a 'yoga body'" "I'm afraid I'll be the only male" "I'm afraid I'll be the oldest" “I’ll be bored” and on and on and on.

We want to show you that yoga is just as much for you as it is for everyone else. In our Warm Beginner's Flow classes our teachers will break down yoga postures so that they feel safe and attainable. They will also go over common transitions between poses, how to use yoga props, yoga breathing, and some basic yoga philosophy concepts. We want you to leave feeling successful.

All students are welcome in our beginner's classes, but please note, this is a beginner's class. If you have a more advanced practice we ask that you fine-tune the basic postures in this class rather than practice any “advanced variations”. We like to think that the more advanced your practice is, the small and more nuanced it gets.

This class will be heated to 80-85 degrees and kept at 50% humidity.

warm beginners flow (spanish/english)

This class is the same as the one above but will be taught by a bilingual yoga instructor. Class will be taught in both Spanish and English.

warm up, relax, & meditate

Warm Up, Relax, & Meditate begins with a short, slow flow, to warm up your body and burn off any excess energy that might not be serving you from your day. The slow flow leads into restorative yoga postures, which are relaxing postures done on the floor with props to help support longer holds. Class will end with guided meditation.

Class will be heated to 80 degrees. If you fall asleep, no worries, you probably needed sleep more than meditation.

friday night special

Friday nights at The Yoga Ground are so good. Each week will feature a different class and a different teacher. From live music to community potlucks, from donation classes to theme nights, we promise each Friday will leave you feeling welcome and connected to your community.

Check the schedule for what this Friday night will be! 

spirit flow - donation class